Get to know shane

Shane Tracy is a worship leader and songwriter living in the Heartland state of Indiana. His roots go deep in the soil of corporate worship. He was born and raised in a home culture rich with a love for Jesus and musicianship; expressing love to Jesus through the vehicle of music was an integral part of life in his family. So it came as no surprise that he picked up an instrument or two at a very young age.

He spent  countless hours of his childhood in revival services, family sing-alongs, or just plain enjoying a jam session with his siblings and parents. Shane spent most of his childhood sitting on the front pew of his parents' church, either strumming on a guitar or slapping a djembe. Later on when he was in 7th grade, he was asked to be a part of helping play and plan the music for chapel services at his private school. Reluctantly he agreed, and it was from that point on that Shane would come to love the journey of worship leadership.

As a Junior in high school, Shane was not sure which direction he would take in life, let alone plan for college. Then one day, as he finished a poem for an English class assignment, he realized how much enjoyment creative writing brought. Proud of his work, he shared it with his mom, and she, along with his English teacher, adamantly encouraged him in his new-found gift for writing. Excited for some direction in his life, he went on to double major in Journalism and Creative Writing at (then) Asbury College. It was this study of Creative Writing that Shane found joy, passion, and excitement driving him.

Meanwhile, throughout the years, Shane was involved in leading worship for many different organizations and churches, both as a volunteer and eventually a staffed worship leader. After college and some time leading worship vocationally, he ventured out to combine his two passions: worship leading and songwriting. As he began writing songs for the Lord, it hit his heart like a double-whammy of purpose over his life. He found an expression come alive in his heart, one that combined his intimate friendship with Jesus and his enjoyment for writing songs. Eventually he got up the courage to introduce some of those songs for corporate worship where he was leading.

And that is the journey you see him on right now.

Shane is on the journey with his amazing  wife and best-friend, Jodi, their 5 kiddos, and one tiny Dachshund friend named Chauncey.