The album is now fully funded!

Thank you so much!

Breakdown of the costs involved:  

Recording/Mixing/Mastering: $5,500
Miscellaneous expenses (travel, appreciation, etc.): $1,000
Branding/Design: $1,000
Cushion for unforeseen post-production costs (if necessary): $500

It's been a long time coming, my friends...13 years in fact...since my last album with my college band, The Shane Tracy Project. But now my heart sings a different kind of song - one that reaches in love toward my forever-friend, Jesus. And after decades of leading worship and writing songs, my passion for both is coming to fruition in my 1st full-length worship album. I've got 8 original worship songs and 2 spicy cover songs to share with you.

It's time to strike up the band! Well, even though you may not be part of the band, you can play a HUGE ROLE in turning this album from dream to reality.

Since I'm an independent artist, I have no financial backing from a label...BUT I believe it's much more fulfilling for you as a supporter of my music to make that dream a reality anyway. How cool would it be to know that you played a financial role in making this album happen? Some of my favorite artists have been able to record because I contributed to their album fundraising campaigns in the past. I had the joy of buying-in to their vision, knowing that without my support, they wouldn't have had the money to record on their own dime alone.

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 I know God has given me these songs for a reason - how big of a reason, I don't know. But I do know that YOU have this ONE CHANCE to back it! You have a chance to be a part of God's Kingdom work through these songs. Who knows how many people these songs will impact? I know people desperately need the message these songs carry. 

So friends, will you be a part of this Kingdom work? Will you bring these songs to life with me? 

Let's do this. 

Recording Schedule

Previous events


As We Seek Recording - Day 2

The second day of recording is scheduled to happen Saturday, August 20th!


As We Seek Recording - Night 1

The first day of recording is scheduled to happen Friday, August 19th!